How long will it be until fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players will play (and win!) a soccer game against the (human) world champions?

ThatÔÇÖs the ultimate goal of the competition and CCGS students are signing up to robotics club in fast growing numbers to pit their programming wits against other schools regionally, nationally and internationally.

Kindergarten students start this journey by working with Bee-Bot programmable floor robots which are great for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children.╠ř

Robotics club at CCGS

Robotics is embedded in the curriculum every year,╠řdeveloping skills to solve real life problems from Geography to Mathematics.╠řThe Year 7 Technologies syllabus develops coding skills through activities like╠řbuilding a website or programming a microbit, and flows through to an Information and Software Technology elective╠řin Years 9 to 10 and HSC courses including╠řInformation Processes and Technology and Software Design and Development.

Lunchtime coding club is a fun place for Years 4 to 6 to pursue their interest in computational thinking, develop expertise in coding using Scratch and collaborate with peers in a creative,╠řproject-oriented format.

Robotics club allows Years 5 to 12 to╠řwork together in small groups, before and after school, to learn coding using Lego EV3 Mindstorm kits. They step through tutorials to learn basic programming of a light sensor, motors and a touch sensor and thereÔÇÖs room for design and innovation too.

Robotics Club

CCGS hosts the Central Coast RoboCup╠řcompetition, a╠řfun game-like contest╠řwhere children collaborate to solve problems and test solutions on a challenge mat until their robot is ready to compete in dance, rescue or soccer challenges. Robotics is hands-on and social too, assisting critical and creative thinking and developing resilience to see a project through.

Team C-137╠řhad great success in the RoboCup competition, progressing through regional and state RoboCup competitions╠řto perform on the national and international stage in Germany, Japan and Bangkok. Today's robotics enthusiasts have big footsteps to follow.

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Photos by CCGS visual media team.╠ř